Coming Soon

Virtual Urgent Care:
Our upcoming Virtual Urgent Care service will provide rapid, convenient access to medical assistance for non-emergency health concerns. Our network of Afro healthcare professionals will be available to address your health issues without requiring a visit to a hospital or clinic. This service aims to deliver timely care, bridging the gap between the Afro community and culturally competent healthcare providers, all from the comfort of your home.

Find a Doctor:
Our soon-to-launch Find a Doctor feature will make it simple for users to discover and connect with Afro healthcare providers in their local area. This service will help you build a trusted healthcare team that understands and appreciates your unique needs and experiences, ensuring a more personalized and relatable healthcare journey.

Virtual Pregnancy Care:
AfroHealth's upcoming Virtual Pregnancy Care service will offer expectant mothers a comprehensive suite of prenatal and postnatal support tailored to their specific needs. Our platform will connect mothers-to-be with experienced Afro healthcare professionals who understand the unique challenges faced by the Afro community during pregnancy, ensuring a nurturing and supportive environment throughout this crucial period.

Kids Wellness:
The forthcoming Kids Wellness program on AfroHealth will focus on promoting the well-being and development of children within the Afro community. By offering specialized content and resources, our platform will empower parents and guardians to provide the best possible care and support for their children. Our aim is to ensure that kids grow up healthy, strong, and resilient, ready to face the world with confidence.